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Our organisation is an accredited innovative cluster that covers the entire country. It has exceptional potential due to the knowledge and technology transfer that can be provided the University of Debrecen.
Knowledge and technology transfer
Unique potential due to the knowledge and technology transfer that can be provided the University of Debrecen.
HR and organisation development
The development of personnel is essential in innovation.
Development in the food industry
The Cluster provides a complete range of services to its members in food industry development projects.
The development of technologies
The members of the Cluster can access the latest technologies and improvements.
Market research
We can provide a wide range of market research methods to our members.
Marketing communication
We assist in tackling digital challenges in the most efficient way.
Designing food industry plants and laboratories, managing the process of authorisation and approval.
Preparation for the auditing of food industry plants
Food plant audit preparation
Introduction of various food industry standards.
Operating permit and the HACCP system
Adherence to the system contributes to optimised operation and customer satisfaction.
Careful planning

Real-world solutions
for your ideas.

The road to achieving perfect innovation via rigorous workflow.

1. STEPAn idea

The basis of everything is a new idea.

2. STEPResearching solutions

We assist in finding the best option for execution.

3. STEPImplementation plan

In collaboration with you, we work out a step-by-step process of how your idea can become a finished product.

4. STEPAchieving goals

The meticulous development of the preceding steps ensures the successful realisation of goals.
Dare to dream big


During their collaboration in research and development, the members of our Cluster place a great emphasis on developing new, innovative products. It is an additional goal of the network to support the market introduction of those innovative products and patented technologies and products which have been developed by our members.

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